Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting tangled with JakMania

JakMania fashionista. Scarves seem to be the main apparel. Tshirt is optional. Colors of orange and black is a must. Other variations are welcome as long as they're within the color range of those 2 colors. Don't even try wearing blue in this crowd.

Out of duty cop trying to help easing the traffic (to no avail)

It's rainy, cold, windy and polluted out there. But yes, some people prefer to be outside.

There are only few passengers inside that bus. Most of passengers are on the rooftop.

If you lived in Jakarta, you should try getting in traffic with the JakMania, a huge bunch of football maniacs/hooligans that can crowd the streets like no other. They come in all kinds of faces, shapes and vehicles (which mostly in the form of buses, mini buses that they don't own but "chartered"). Some of these supporters don't even make it to the stadium though they're happy enough to be on the streets to celebrate a day/night out. I'm sure many of their parents are just happy their hyper active kids are not home creating messes and havoc but out on the streets expressing their "passion" for football.
Here are some of the sketches I made while witnessing their craziness, stupidity, delirium and other randomly destructive habits in one rainy evening. They successfully put a new record in my book for a trip from Pondok Indah Mall to Lebak Bulus which usually takes me 20 minutes to 2 hours. So don't call yourself a true Jakarta citizen if you haven't gotten tangled with JakMania.

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