Thursday, April 8, 2010

A glance at Jayapura

I took a short trip Jayapura last month and had enough time to sketch around. The city is still developing and I hope the government knows how to not mess up its beautiful landscape and seascape in place of fancy hotels and high rise buildings. Godspeed.

Behind the Fishery Department building was this beautiful (yet not well maintained) small port called Dock 7.

Typical laid back scenery here is people fishing from the dock. Kids and grownups hang out here even in the rain.

Some day I will come back here and fill my sketchbook with great images of the land, the gulf, the mountains, trees, and the people of Jayapura. Until then, sayonara.


andhika_XIII said...

mantabbbb.... sudah ke timur jauh... kapan ke ujung barat...???

SKIZO said...

Good creations

antown said...

yoi, sketsafari yang menyenangkan. orang2 berkoteka mana mas?