Sunday, May 23, 2010

... tiny additional detail on Pejompongan Railway dwellers

Group of houses @
Pejompongan area railway
May' 2010

After meeting a senior member of our group, Indonesia's Sketchers, we decided to visit this slum-a-like site. People who live here (some maybe as early as the '70s), live with noises of trains in their frontyards everyday ... and everynight. Houses were made off used/rusty zinc roofs, thin plywood, metal bars, and so on. There's an old kid's bike on this sketch, tied on the second floor terrace of a house. Apparently there's not even space to put it.
I spent only few hours this time but next time I'll spend more hours, early in the morning to prior to noon hours. Beyond that hour, I can't bear the heat and dust and thirst and sadness ...

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