Friday, March 4, 2011

oleh-oleh perjalanan Sukabumi-Jakarta

a building in Museum batik area, Tanah Abang, Jakarta
mr. Dhar is sketching
at Juwata airport Tarakan. one moment before leave for Jakarta
travelling now has become one of space to sketch. The main object can be anything, human activity still good to explore:). It was about 2 days in Sukabumi and 1 day in Jakarta. While in Jakarta i met my teacher mr. Dhar Cedhar at Museum batik Tanah Abang , who gives me an extra lecture about where my sketchwork will be going. It was a very fascinating experience since my curiousity of meeting mr. D has been built long time ago.
at Sriwijaya air_

on the way to Sukabumi, by minibus (toyota Innova)

the car that we use for travel_

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